The workshop is a place where engineers Cutting Kart prepare and submit revised engines and chassis used by amateurs and professionals in competitions at all levels. The workshop is divided into three main areas.

Area overhaul and engine assembly

In these areas there are two separate areas dedicated to the assembly of the base and the boiler in different engines, KZ, OK, 60CC.
Each zone is provided with specific equipment for the assembly and disassembly of the engines.

Area engine tests and mechanical measurements

The area is dominated by a combined bench, formed by a part of inertial type (or dynamic) and another type braked built by Soft Engine. The two components can be used separately or in combination, managed by the software of Soft Engine.

Area machining

A lathe and a pair of lapping machines are the main equipment of this area, where there is also a cutter and a press reassuring for the assembly of the trees, accompanied by the kit for the verification of the alignment of the leaflets.