The department Testagialla, thanks to its excellent experience offers customers the following services

  • Engine overhaul

  • Coupling shaft

  • Treatment to gearbox

  • Processing cylinders

  • Lapping cylinder

    Reaming operation end of which is restored with the perfect cylindricity of a worn barrel. After this operation, you must use an increased piston. Normally, the increase is 0.01 mm but may be higher in the case of cane very worn.

  • Measuring total motor and all its organs

  • Check the group ignitions

  • Review and processing of carburetors

    Consists in polishing the duct performed in a professional manner. The carburetor is completely disassembled, polished with specialized equipment and products, washed thoroughly and then reassembled. Warning: if you participate in contests, your care is whether the regulation of your category allow or polishing of the carburetor.

  • Restoring aluminum cylinder (Chrome)

    Repair of minor damage to the cylinder barrel (such as those caused by seized) having greater depth of reporting in Nickasil, and restore the reporting itself. After this operation the cylinder as back again and again using the piston of “first measurement”