The company Taglienti Kart born in 1982 in Monte San Giovanni Campano, a town in the province of Frosinone, thanks to the passion and ingenuity of its founder Roberto Taglienti. He already engaged in the auto industry since 1978, following the great passion for racing, he started his karting career.

From 1982 to 1985 Roberto dabbles in racing, until in 1985 was born the Taglienti Kart Team which begins to stand out in the national competitions in 1988 and titled getting his first pole position in the Italian Championship with Domenico Gagliardi.

In the nineties, the company continues to grow and there’s also the first results of the team in the international arena, with the second place Lino Di Simplicio from Teramo, in a race of the European Championship of 1991.

In the mid nineties comes the leap. To support the growing clientele, the company relocates to Ceprano, in a large multi-purpose complex.

In 1996 comes the consecration in the international arena for the team that took second place in the World Championship in 1996, with Giuseppe Palmieri in the 125 FC and the following year, the third in the World Championship with Sauro Cesetti in the same category.

In 2000 the company expands. The firstborn Toni that for some years vies with excellent results in national and international, open a new branch for the Racing Team in Monte San Giovanni Campano.

In 2002 he began collaborating with the Tony Kart for brands Kosmic and Redspeed and the team starts to sail, collecting successes in National races and showing off in the European Championship 125 ICC in 2004 precisely with Toni.

In 2005 comes the first national title with the victory of the Italian Championship 125 clubs with Domenico Gagliardi from Avellino.

In the 2006/2007 season the team is growing in the international arena thanks to the performance of the new pupil, Michele Minchillo from Foggia.

In 2008 comes the brace from Alessandro Mannozzi and Dario Capitanio in the Italian Championship 100 Junior.

In 2009, the team continued its winning streak starring with its drivers in the national and international.

In 2009there was a technical upgrades with the purchase of the “Engine test bench” that contributed to the improvement of the engines for the racing team.
Thus was born the department Testagialla detaching from Racing Team to split the two sectors and offer more services and more professional to customers and drivers.

In 2010 the Team and Testagialla continue their climb, agreeing with the Intrepid chassis factory from Verona, a collaboration both commercial and sport, in fact for the team Taglienti arrive new successes both nationally and internationally, one of them is championship win WSK MASTER SERIES with the Dutch driver VISSER in KZ2, as well as several major victories, such as the victory in the round of the Italian KF2 with Roberto Manduchi on the international circuit of Viterbo and the 3rd place in the Italian Championship 125 Italy the same Toni on the international circuit of Sarno (returned to racing after years of inactivity just for the occasion). In addition to the victories of the Racing team, family Taglienti conquests victories with the Taglienti Engines born in this year to optimize the work and detach the preparation of the engines from the Racing Team supplies the engines are made with the manufacturer of chassis ALL KART, with which gets the victory in the first round of the Italian championship in 2010 on the international circuit of Pavia in KZ2 with the driver Massimo Aceto. The other factory that chooses engines prepared by Taglienti for the Italian Championship and “the Formula K” factory Modena, even with this comes a another victory in the race in Sarno with the driver Antonio Piccioni from Teramo.

2011 opens with good wishes for the team Taglienti and Testagialla with the arrival of the young driver Federico Pezzolla from Fasano, in fact he is to bring another title home Taglienti winning the Championship Italian cat. KF3, but not only is among the leaders of the World Championship class held on the international circuit of Naples, only a contact in the start of the final championship dreams have turned off. The engine division is always among the leaders of the WSK MASTER in KZ1 with VISSER, winning two victories in races of Siena and Viterbo, and the second-place finish in the league. To crown a winner in 2011, in addition to many victories in national carried by various drivers in multiple categories is the victory of the National Trophy 125 ITALY won by fifteen Marco Pollara from Palermo, arrived in the Taglienti factory a few days before the race. Thanks to these statements and to the seriousness of the company, has come an important agreement between the Taglienti Kart and the Intrepid Kart International, the birth of the Intrepid central Italy, entrusted to the Taglienti family that deals with the distribution of spare parts and frames Intrepid and Praga for all of central Italy.

In 2012 the team has strengthened its structure with new mechanics, technicians, and new equipment, to offer its customers a better service and top performance.

The Taglienti Engine bought a new engine test stand to have a development always superior saw the high professionalism in the international field.

It is in this spirit that the family Taglienti continues its adventure between passion and dedication.

In the same year another great ambitions: new drivers, performance materials and in the racing team is always Federico Pezzolla to make the heart beat faster of Taglienti Kart bringing home another Italian Championship, this time in the KF2 category.

The driver of Fasano new entry in the category struggled with competitors much more experienced than he, resulting once again the fastest, with the colors Yellow / Black.